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Tout nos masques sont uniques et numérotes

The Mascherade          

                               Création de Masques Vénitiens

    The most Venetian, the more theatrical or more stylish, some dozens of traditional Venetian masks to be worn all,  carrying you at a glance to the center of Doge's city through the past to share the magic way of life of Venice .
           You will discover a collection where each mask is unique : from the simple "eye mask" to the face styled hand, by the mask of the Commedia dell'Arte to the most sumptuous, adorned with feathers,

embellished with rhinestones, jewels and precious fabrics....


Romance 2008

Christina 2002

Rafaele 2007

Duchesse B 2008

Valentina 2007

Rebecca 2007

Analisa 2007

Fleur 2003

Mergherita 2008

America 2008

Maestria 2008

Princess et 2004

San Marco 2004

Duc 2003

Virginie 2010

Catarine 2010

Belle Epoque,Loredanna et Sienna 2008/2010

Donna Louisa 2006

Don Diego 2005

Catharina 2004